Per Larsson is an award winning cinematographer who was born in Sweden where his passion as a photojournalist took root. Upon moving to Hollywood, he started working at CNN. He went on to succeed as a Director of Photography on shows such as “The Amazing Race” for CBS, where he won two prime time Emmy Awards and was nominated six times. He is also known for his work on such shows as “The Wahlburgers” starring Mark Wahlberg, among many others. His attention to detail in handheld camera operation, lighting direction and story telling has garnered the praise and adulation of his peers. Dealing with those elements of show production is one of his specialties and they are where his skills as a director and producer have really been most tested. He is a skilled leader, communicator, supervisor and an excellent manager of people in multi-camera environments. He is also known for his superior work in the field, studio and live TV.