Never has an Emmy Award for Cinematography been more deserved than those belonging to Per Larsson for his work on the Amazing Race. Not only did you find that he did, indeed, get the moment on camera, it was delivered with his customary grace and style. From his follow coverage at high speeds to his incredible ability to make an interview look like a work of art, Per is at the top of his game on not only the competition reality series like the “Race” and “The Apprentice” we’ve done together but the diverse programming he’s shot that I’ve had the pleasure of watching. Per’s images build a bridge that spans in two directions. He serves up incredible landscapes of not only geography but the humanity he’s following while at the same time sucking the viewer into a world unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. Not only is his work a joy to put together in post-production, you sense the fun he’s having while enduring the harsh conditions in getting it. Having the pleasure of being out there with him for a lot of it, I can attest to that fun, for not only does he have it, he shares it with one and all. He is an absolute joy to work with and his professionalism raises the level of every production he takes on. I am honored to know him.

— Bill Pruitt, Emmy Award winning producer